Our company builds wooden panel/frame houses according to individual plans.

We renovate and reconstruct public and other buildings and we perform major overhauls.

If the customer requests it, we carry out the internal finishing.

All our work is guaranteed.

Why choose a prefabricated house?

•  These houses are ecologically sound and warm. Depending on the chosen materials, the wall’s insulating resistance is 5.00 m² K/W and the roof’s is from 6.0 m² K/W. Additional heating can be installed at the customer’s request.

•  Houses of this type can be built quickly (on average, a house with a roof is erected within 2-3 weeks). Installation work can be done even under rather unfavourable weather conditions, so in fact the construction can be going on all year round. Quick installation eliminates the need for temporary structures and storage facilities on the construction sites.

•           Since houses of this type can be assembled very quickly, workers are hired for a shorter time. The ready-made elements of the house are delivered to the construction site at the appointed time and there is no need to make arrangements for secure storage of materials.

•  If necessary, a panel house can be dismantled at any time.

•  Elements of prefabricated houses are designed using special computer software that ensures convenient and accurate installation. Only the highest quality materials are used in the panel houses.

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